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[:RU]As the capital of Syria, Damascus lives during the war[:]

[:RU]In Damascus, once again shelled the Russian embassy. At this point, the building held a rally in support of Russian operations in Syria, which brought together about 300 people (people came with portraits of Putin). The shells fell into the courtyard of the embassy.

Mines in our embassy flew before, but the attacks have become more frequent. Recently, one of the districts of the city painted the slogans «Death to Russia» — a terrorists respond to the bombing of the Russian Air Force. Fortunately there were no casualties.

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… The roar of military aircraft lies on top of the city noise. I turn my head to see the aircraft — the sight of a cloudless azure sky. «Planes bombed the suburbs, the areas where insurgents are sitting,» — explains a local resident. At the same time no one around does not pay attention to the air attack.

Residents of Damascus can be little surprise for the four years of war. «We can surprise the world! We have forgotten what it is, «- says medical student Omar.

Russian military operation in Syria began September 30th. In Damascus, we all remember this day. Locals say that everyone was watching television, watching the news, they were glad. In peacetime, with such interest except for watching football.

Now the city, which is considered one of the oldest in the world, continues to live their own, established during the last four years of life. To get used to the war, too.

… Traders at the old market beckoning shoppers.

The smell of oriental spices dizzy. Around like the scenery of the eastern tale.

«Before, I had a lot of customers — says the owner of a souvenir shop Muhamad. — I lived lavishly. Now there are almost no tourists. I hope that soon there will be. »

The old town still arrive mines. Fortunately, severe destruction of historic buildings and monuments of cultural heritage there. But people here joke that they go not only by God, but under the bombs.

In Syria, easy to get along religion and nationality. Muslims (Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites), Orthodox Christians and Catholics. Crosses here interspersed with minarets, temples and mosques stand wall to wall.

«Every religion had its dark ages. Christians massacred dissidents, and now the time has come when the radical Islamists are doing the same, «- he says philosophically me one of the locals, when I ask about the religious component of the conflict.

The current war, which began with protests against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, has long turned into a war between Muslims of different directions — Sunnis and Shiites. Sunnis make up the majority in Syria — two-thirds of the population. 10% are Christians and people of other religions. 12% Alawite — a branch of Shia. It is to this religious movement belongs to the family of Bashar al-Assad.

«IGILovtsy drew up lists of families of Christians and Alawites, went into the house and cut their whole families — tells me one Syrian, who belongs to the Alawite branch of Islam. — My family was also on the list. »

Nobody remembers when and how the requirements of democratic freedoms have turned into a mass jihad.

«Four years ago, when the war began, Syrian society has split into two camps: those who support the president and his opponents — tells me a local resident with a cup of strong coffee with cardamom. — And we’re not talking to each other, we did not understand each other’s positions. But four years have passed and things have changed. We still do not share each other’s positions, but we take a different view. And they are, and we all lived in fear every minute, suffered privations, sometimes left without water, without electricity, there was no gasoline. We all stayed in Syria and experience with the black band in the history of our country. »

Russian planes bombed positions daily LIH and meets LIH is only verbal bombardments. For example, the official speaker of the LIH October 13 said that Russia will be defeated in Syria. In a statement issued on all websites dzhahadistskih, he urged Muslims around the world to start a jihad against Russia, and even against the United States. The speaker called this war a war of crusaders against the Muslims. In the same address LIH threatens Al-Nusra, stating that they are sold to the West.

«For us, they are all terrorists — Alma explains to me, doctor-dentist. — People who fought in the Free Syrian Army, moved into al-Nusra, someone from there moved to LIH. First there was the Syrian National Coalition, because there was a «coalition of the Islamic.» Al-Nusra is generally a division of Al-Qaeda. There’s a dozen more of the same dzhihatdistskih groups, which cut the head people. »

Mirror polished floor in the courtyard of the mosque Umayyad reflects sunset sky.

Inside the gloom. On the soft carpet children run, play catch-up, it is completely without interfering with those who commit their evening prayer.

People come here not only for rituals, here people can just sit, relax and think. This here is not forbidden to take pictures.

In the treasury, where the relics of John the Baptist (Prophet Yahya) people actively doing self. When laying the mosque (before this place was a temple Hadad Aramaic), builders discovered the burial. Syrian Christians have argued that it is the remains of John the Baptist. Caliph then ordered that the grave left in the same place — so it was in the center of the mosque. This is a symbol of religious tolerance.

«Our prophet said that a Muslim can not kill a man for what he professes another religion, — explains Umayyad mosque’s imam. We’re talking, sitting in the male part of the mosque where we were allowed to go to the Imam himself. — Radicals, killing people, violating the commandment of our prophet. They are not true Muslims. »

Most of the people we met in Damascus to find out that we were from Russia, just thanking us. From the word «Russ» start to smile all — from children and to the soldiers at the checkpoints. One soldier immediately began to show us a screenshot of your phone Syrian passport with a photo of Vladimir Putin.

Find opposition in Damascus is almost impossible. In conversations people admit that there are those who do not support the Russian intervention. There are those who are very happy to help with the Russian side, but asks: «Why did she come just now, why could not help before?»
But everyone recognizes that the war must be ended, and now it is possible only with the help of Russian.

Despite the war, Damascus is secular city. Before a business trip to Syria we were asked: «Do you have to walk in a burqa?» But in the many cafes you can find beauties in miniskirts, sitting next to her friend in hijabs. In Christian neighborhoods can easily buy alcohol. Nightclub. And by blackouts, water, high prices of products are already used to — war is war.

Shots and explosions in Damascus is now heard much less frequently, and two years ago between the explosions took place not more than five minutes. But even then you could see the burning car and hear snipers firing on the same street, while people in the neighboring calmly smoking his hookah, blowing clouds of white fragrant smoke.

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