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[:RU]The Polish national secrets.[:]

[:RU]What will the Polish skinhead, stepping on your foot, why should the Poles go to the «ugly beauty» and that rings in the trunks of their cars?

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They are really polite people

Do not be surprised if a skinhead, accidentally stepped on your foot will be warmly apologize. Poles are doing it on the machine. Frame courtesy demanded much greater than in other countries.
For strangers Poles turn on you, connect the pan / pani / państwo (Mr. / Mrs. / gentlemen). Calling strangers «man» (mężczyzno), «woman» (kobieto) in Poland is unacceptable. At the same time circulation «girl» (panno) or «young man» (młody człowieku) used by elderly people in relation to the really young Poles, however, are considered obsolete.
Etiquette and respected in business correspondence. Then a foreigner you have to be careful — for example, in the application for a job enough to write: «Kowalski Director: Please accept me to work» (this uncivilized). Be sure to apologize for the trouble. To contact the director of «Dear Director! Very, very much I ask me to take a job, «to explain why you should employ and how much you’ll be grateful for it.

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They love to complain

Complaining — a favorite sport of Poles. Do not try to compete with them in this. The answer is «all right» to the question «how are you?» Is considered impolite (as «good»? It is suspicious!). Life can not be easy and good! Poland — a «safe haven» with a growing GDP in Europe, immersed in crisis. Well, it did not seem to feel the crisis, but Germany’s motorways is still better …

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They agree on the proposal for the third time

This Pole several times fails before you agree, for example, to treat (just accept ugly). In Poland itself, regardless of the number of failures, a guest in any feed, but abroad with his habit of courtesy to give the Poles there, they go hungry. So if by chance the Pole would have at home — at least three times offer assistance, food, all sorts of amenities, you will see — from the first time you get a positive response. Well, maybe only if the instance had suffered enough abroad …

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They are very religious

Poles are very religious, every Sunday, most goes to church. They all celebrate Easter and Christmas, and the most important holidays in the country — Catholic. Many Poles are divided life into periods: from Baptism to First Communion, first Communion before Confirmation, Anointing of the wedding before, from wedding to death. Passer in communicating with the boy may have to ask, if he had been a ritual or a First Communion soon?

Even married to a Pole means «married.» In Poland, made cement the bonds of marriage in the church. In this last even replace the registry office, as the priests decorate all public documents. Interestingly, in a white wedding dress a girl can only marry. It is not accepted to wear for a civil ceremony in a registry office.

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They massively learn

In Poland, higher education — it is no longer fashionable or prestigious, it is obligatory. Learn everything is not always clear why, but the fact that the office cleaners without at least secondary education, hard to get. Unfortunately, the cult of education is not paired with financial compensation for the labor invested in their education. Popular anecdote: Yasha illiterate mother could not find him work for minimal money (with a salary he will binge), because such small salaries only for people with higher education. But here again we return to the topic of «national sport.»

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They are stocking food

Poles take care of their children and other relatives who live in other cities. «Sloik», ie the bank — it is an essential attribute of every Polish family who sent a child to school or husband on a business trip. These banks are bringing in her mother’s food for the whole week long: soups, main dishes, sauces, salads, pickles and preserves. Without this it is impossible to live in Poland, every Sunday all the cars, buses and trains are just overflowing the banks and on the road sometimes heard the distinctive sound of rubbing each other the glass walls. If the Polish students have forbidden to carry cans, they would have died of starvation.

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For them, all the nations of the former Soviet Union — is Russian

For the Poles, all who live in the east of Poland — Russian. Send this since Soviet times, when all citizens of the Union called the Russian. So do not be surprised if by telling Pole that you come from Belarus or Ukraine, you suddenly hear from the interlocutor: «Well, how you got there in Russia?»

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