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[:RU]How to make steel.[:]

[:RU]TOO Pavlodar tube-rolling mill located in the Republic of Kazakhstan in Pavlodar. Kazakhstan is the first plant for the production of steel pipes of a wide assortment (15-219mm). Tubular products produced at the plant is used in the creation of systems of water and gas, heating, sanitation, various utilities, boiler systems, irrigation systems, and more. Preparations for the production of pipes supplies Pavlodar steel mill.

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Manufacturing process tube consists of the following steps: hot rolling line in which is cut, heated, rolled and sewn molded preform until the desired length of the pipe wall thickness.

Then, if necessary, the tube is heat treated or goes directly on line quality control and finishing line. After completing all the necessary operations of the pipe ready for shipment.

Rotary heating furnace, which is designed to heat up to a temperature of the material placed in the furnace in the most uniform manner.

Kosovalkovy piercing mill, which converts the blank into a hollow blank with a large wall thickness.

Continuous hot rolling pipes on the retained mandrel (RMM) six-roll stands — real heart of the plant, followed izvlekatelny mill with three stands — their function is to convert the hollow shell (3 m long) obtained in kosovalkovom piercing mill, the pipe, which has a relatively thin wall compared to the hollow shell and has a length up to 28 m.

Next comes the oven reheat reducing mill and the cooling table.

The design capacity of the plant is 100 000 tons per year.

Preparations on the Tube Rolling Plant delivers neighbor, rising through the factory road — Pavlodar steel plant (LLP «Casting»).

TOO «Casting» since 1994 and is a diversified company operating in the sphere of secondary ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The plant annually produces 1.2 million tons of goods and 95 percent of the raw material is scrap (the rest — various additives to produce a particular brand of cast iron or steel).

Of these, 270 thousand tons of repeat up iron ingots for rolling plant.

The cars on the rails of different calibers scrap is brought directly to the furnaces where the temperature of 1500 degrees, and there is a «reincarnation» of raw materials.

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