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[:RU]Tokyo. Temple for sumo.[:]

[:RU]Apparently, you can endlessly talk about all the temples in Tokyo, and here’s another temple. Yoshima-tenmandzhi metro station Yoshima placed under the sanctuary of sumo.

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Its history is complicated, but the fact that there has long been going to the teacher of sumo, sumo fighters prayed and buried the great sumo. On this day, no sumo I am not surprised, not always the same, they go there … But there was a kind of marriage, and the yard ran the bride and groom in wedding attire (the bride on the right). Near the temple was a statue of another great preacher, or Kukai, or someone else, but the stele behind him said that he was on foot walked around the whole of Japan. Tablets-EMA near the temple were respectively dedicated to every martial arts, for example, jumps archers … Or all the same sumo. Temple, of course , remake, well, yes it is not surprising. Outside the temple is a small, but very much impressive cemetery sumo, is clearly not the final grade. The stele in the center of it with the sign of the crescent could be misleading, that there were buried sumoists Muslim (praise be to Allah!) … … but no, it’s just an ancient iconography — in front of the same stele depicting the sun. Then, too, are buried here, and fire worshipers. This sanctuary was built 200 years ago, and about such details, and religious differences here still did not know exactly. Behind the gates of the janitor sweeps. Of course, a local pensioner. And such a fence with birds.

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