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[:RU]Surroundings Ouranoupoli. How to get there, what to see.[:]

[:RU]To get to Ouranoupoli and Nea Roda possible by public transport from Thessaloniki — Chalkidiki by bus several times a day a bus. But if you have a driver’s license, definitely worth to take the car. The beauty of these places in the surrounding nature: the closer to the borders of Mount Athos plowed hills give way to pine forests and rocks, between which are hidden secluded coves with clear water. By car you can explore all the surrounding beaches, visiting every day new. In addition, you can not stop in the resorts themselves, and at some distance from them, where it seems that all of these beaches and hills, there is only you.

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Apart from the beaches in the vicinity of Ouranoupoli is, what to look at. Fans boundaries dedicated to: Get behind the wheel and go straight to the borders of Mount Athos. Overland route to transport across the border is not — the entire message is carried by sea ferries. Immediately after the start of Ouranoupolis primer, which will take you to the ruins of the monastery ridge — it is about forty meters from the border fence and is accessible to all who wish to visit.

Border Athos looks almost like a real state border, such is not being — fence, barbed wire and warning signs. The inscriptions say that crossing the border is prohibited. The only legal way to get to the republic — by ferry from Ouranoupolis to Daphne. Violators are invited to respond before the law.






If you go to the right along the border fence, we see a police post and a service gate, and after going a step further — upremsya directly into the sea. The fence is a dozen meters crashed into the water. On the other side of the fence you can see the destroyed buildings, similar to the monastery, and a long strip of sandy beach. From the worldly side, directly adjacent to the border, it is a deserted beach. If you walk it to the end, he rested in the bizarre rocks.




We need to go around the cliff walk on the water, and then you get to a small intimate beach with white sand. The beach is available essentially only on the machine and is hidden from prying eyes, so casual vacationers hardly prevent you to enjoy the sea and sun.



Fans of philosophy and ancient history can recommend a stop in ancient Stragiru — hometown of Aristotle. We must go to the other side of Ouranoupoli for Isthmus. We were not there, but this place is mentioned in all the guidebooks.

Indifferent to the authentic villages and ancient architecture will certainly appeal to the town of Arne. It is located 50 kilometers from Ouranoupolis. There remained a considerable number of Greek residential buildings of the XIX century. Not to say that the place was very impressed (these towns I have seen in Bulgaria or in the same Greece in the Peloponnese, much more picturesque), but for the correct perception of the region, you can go, for example, one of the cloudy days.

Ouranoupoli itself is also interesting. As the last outpost before the border profane the Holy Land, it has a special atmosphere. Its central area is decorated with ancient gigantic tower shabby protruding balconies. This is both a tourist town with many restaurants and souvenir shops, with the streets, where the girls go in bathing suits and flip-flops to the lazy beaches, and the place of sending pilgrims to the monasteries of Mount Athos. There are a lot of shops with icons and church utensils. Every now and then caught the eye of people in robes, and ascetic dressed travelers with backpacks who while away the time waiting for the ferry, and permission to visit the country.


Finally, nail the program — the island of Ammouliani, the only major island in Chalkidiki. It lies right between Mount Athos and Sithonia, and serves as a base for the rest themselves as Greeks. By the way, local tourists in these parts sometimes more than foreigners. Yet public land near the border of Mount Athos are a little away from the usual tourist routes. So Ammouliani — it is certainly not of Santorini and Mykonos. This is not a Greek island with white houses that you could imagine. This is the usual island with only one village, connected to the mainland by ferry. But to go there is for its beaches and clean sea water. Rugged cliffs form its shores many pleasant bays. There are great beaches equipped with a cafe-bar and sun beds, where there is access to a car, and there are nooks for a quiet holiday. Some of them will be able to reach only by boat.


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