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[:RU]Tokyo. The most girly temple paradise anime.[:]

[:RU]Best of all, they are here for a long time stored plate-EMA with drawings, usually anime, but sometimes really works of art that can be envied. Only imagine how much time and effort was worth it to some authors avtorsha and then to hang the piece of wood in the rain and wind. Still love works wonders.

terraoko-201510097 (1)

So, in order: Temple Kanda Myojin why it is considered the temple of unrequited love, the temple of lovers, friends, girlfriends and in general, anyone who wants to pray for love, are just here and left their autographs. It is located in t n the Upper Town, close from the metro station Okanomidzu, well, there’s still going lane, although the temple itself stands on a hill above the river Kanda. Every year in May, then held one of the main Tokyo holidays Kanda Matsuri or Festival of Kanda, with parades, removal of portable shrine and various amusements . In normal times, gold-plated stretchers stand in the halls of the glass, and people are going around the walls with signs, UAE, representing, as I have already written, artistic interest. Decals with symbols of the temple can be bought immediately, and draw anything. They do not shoot over the years, and the walls are literally bursting with tablets. These images of the temple, and on the reverse side of EMA has its draw. Some marker drawn by hand, others are painted and in general, worked on them is clearly not one day.

I hope I do not tormented by these signs, but it is very interesting and funny looks, and people come here often just look at this gallery of drawings. As these girls are here, for example. There are strange presonazhi. If you stand on the sidelines, Crank appear once every 15 minutes. As an example, here’s this guy with a briefcase. But it’s still rare, and mostly comes youth, for obvious reasons. For tablets is still a huge statue of a deity standing on a barrel of sake, but the name was not written, so call it can not. If anyone knows, remind … In general, in Kanda Myojin very nice, despite the fact that it is an obvious remake. It looks very impressive and is something to see. In addition to the main there are small pavilions, they are closed, and also decorated with frescoes and paintings. By the way, Kanda Myojin is one of the few temples where carry excursion foreign tourists, although for most visitors it is still unknown. At least I was lucky, no one at that time did not bring, or simply would not be overcrowded.

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