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[:RU]Than frighten children around the world.[:]

[:RU]Each country has its own Baba Yaga or equivalent: it frighten children to grow up obedient, exemplary, went to bed at the appointed time, not walking alone late and not naughty. Legend each personazha- «pugatelya» in different countries are different, but in many cultures (perhaps with the exception of Japan) at the monsters have similar features. Many of the characters are children in the form of old men with backpack (in these bags and carry some pranksters), or does not have, and appearance, and take the form of children’s nightmares.

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Babaji (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus).

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In Slavic folklore Babai — a night spirit, imaginary creature, whose parents frighten naughty children. Bogeyman, as a rule, is not described at all; in this case, children can imagine him in the most terrible form. Most often described as Babai old, black and lopsided, often also with physical defects, characteristic descriptions of evil (dumb, armless or lame); walks with a knapsack or bag, which takes naughty children.


Boogeyman (UK).

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In England, has long loved to scare children with all sorts of horrors. Victorians generally prone to intimidation own children for educational purposes, often composed stories for children — for example, that in the River Tees in the north of England, lived an old woman Peg Pauler water, under the water drags disobedient children. She preferred to those who bathe on Sundays, instead of studying the Bible in Sunday school. Her relatives were The long-Nel and Jenny Green Teeth topivshie fidgets in other counties. In addition to these monsters was a group of monsters led by always walks Boogeyman. Do not Boogeyman appearance, it is impersonal and often takes the form of fear in the mind of the child. Boogeyman scares, of course, naughty and who sucks his fingers in his sleep — touching them with your fingers, the touch of which, as legend has it, there are warts. Boogeyman appears at night and during the day hiding in the closet, under the bed, behind the door, and in other places where the incidence of sunlight.


The man with the bag (Spain, Portugal, Brazil).


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Ombre del kostal (Ombre del Saco — Man with bag) — the main fear of all children in Latin America. He is old, lean, angry and not just scares playful children, but also drags them into the dark realm in his backpack, and then eats. In Brazil, though sometimes he sells them into slavery. In Chile and Argentina, the old man with the bag does not steal children and takes them away from the tired parents tortured a child of their own — there believe that you can get rid of bullies at dinner, when the old man with the bag makes his rounds. The legend of the man with the bag, you may have a real basis: that in 1910 there was a certain Almeria Francisco Ortega, a TB patient and desperately seeking a cure for his illness. For his trouble, he came to the healer Francisco Leone: he advised him to drink the blood of the child and spread it on his chest. Francisco did just that: minor kidnapped Bernardo Gonzalez Parra, carried it in a bag in his estate, which brutally cracked down with him. From tuberculosis, he, however, never recovered: the crime was revealed, and he was executed.


Black Pete (The Netherlands).

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Black Pete is only at Christmas: a good and exemplary obedient children, he brings gifts and unruly takes back the empty bag. Those who behaves badly, but still not terribly out of hand, he just leaves without presents, sometimes as a joke, or bringing them beam whips or firebrand coal. For the first time in the press character Black Pete was mentioned in 1850 in a book by Jan Shenkman: there he was strict but fair Moor — hence the name. However, the legend of the Black Pete was still in vogue in Holland in the XV century. Dark Moor reflected image of the occupation of the Netherlands Spain. Black Pete associated with pirates to frighten naughty children of the Dutch, they say, they will be picked up in their pirate lair and beaten — Black Pete so often depicted with a stick.


Krampus (Alpine regions of Austria, Romania, South Tyrol, Southern Bavaria).

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Krampus — strange hairy monster with horns. According to legend, he punishes naughty children at Christmas. Particularly playful boys and girls, he takes with him in a sack and carries into the realm of Santa Claus, where children work atone for their misdeeds. This part is related to the fact that in the early days of the Moors legends often took the Europeans into slavery. Educational methods involving Krampus so popular that in some areas — for example, in Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic — young people often dress up in December Krampus and go in this way through the streets frightening children ringing the old bells and clanging chains. Chain is considered an attribute of the devil, which shackled church.

Coco (Latin American countries).

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Coco looks nothing to worry about (in fact, Coco — it’s just a dark shadow on the roof, relentlessly tracking for all children in the city), but behaves quite disgusting: he kidnaps and eats naughty children. Everything else he can do so that the stolen child will never find and it will disappear completely and forever. Often called Coco rival guardian angel and the devil at all, and it is believed that Coco could become a deceased relative.


Croaker (France).

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Thunderstorm all French children who do not want to go to bed on time — Croaker. By day he is hiding under the porch of the house or somewhere in a dark closet, but once down dusk comes to the will and roam the city in search of children who did not want to fall asleep. He carries them in his dark refuge. What is interesting, Bones came not just from the riotous imagination of French parents. In the XIX century, when there was no anesthesia, it is the doctor’s office, chiropractor came the most terrible shrieks, was seriously frightened children.


Tak-Tak (Japan).

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Perhaps the most frightening creature scare children in Japan. Tak-Tak — Kashima Reiko ghost of a woman who was not careful enough and moved the train, cut in half. Since then, her undead soul creeps across the country on the elbows, dragging the stumps, leaving bloody footprints. On this eerie knocking elbows — tek-tek-tek — and called her. The same, according to legend, there will be children, began to play in the street beyond the statutory time: they overtake Tak-Tak and kill, straight cut oblique half.[:]

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