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Spices and passions: 10 secrets of beauty of Indian women, which are worth knowing to everyone

Luxurious thick hair, luminous skin, slender, tight bodies … Indian women conquer Hollywood, win beauty contests, become favorites of eminent designers. How do they do it? Maybe it’s all about ancient beauty recipes that Indian women pass from generation to generation?

Spices and passions: 10 secrets of beauty of Indian women, which are worth knowing to everyone

The secret is the first, it’s the most important: the Indians are beginning to look after their beauty from the young nails. Young girls do not resort to potent remedies and do not try what is not their age. Instead, they use what nature has given them: natural herbs, plants and, of course, spices.


Nim — a tree, also known as Indian lilac, helps Indians to remain attractive at any age. No wonder the Indians call him «king» of natural cosmetic ingredients. In the course are all parts of the tree: leaves, stems, flowers, fruits and even bark. For the treatment of acne Indians use a decoction of fresh or dry leaves of nim, excess fat and dirt is removed with a mask from nima, dry skin is moistened with a mix of nioma powder and grape seed oil.


Saffron — one of the most expensive spices and one of the main secret ingredients in the cosmetic arsenal of Indian women. Traditionally, girls use saffron to lighten face skin in combination with sandalwood powder and turmeric. A pleasant addition to the shiny velvet skin is getting rid of pimples, dryness and irritations.


Curcuma is another indispensable ingredient in beauty rituals of Indian beauties. A fragrant spice of rich yellow color, as it is paradoxical, is used by Indians to whiten the skin of the face. In addition, turmeric replaces Indian girls with anti-aging creams, acne remedies and expensive lotions from stretch marks on the body. And if you add a little turmeric powder to coconut oil, you will get an excellent remedy for cellulite.


Prostokvasha is popular not only in Indian cuisine, but also in cosmetology. In the composition of face masks, curdled milk effectively fights imperfections of the skin, and when used instead of the conditioner it perfectly moisturizes dry hair.


The chickpea flour replaces Indian girls with facial scrubs. Nut in combination with the same curdled milk and lemon juice turns into a mild exfoliating remedy that works no worse than professional products for cleansing the face.


Indian women just love henna. This plant is considered an ideal conditioner for the hair, since after the first application it makes them softer, stronger, and besides eliminates dandruff.


Sandalwood powder is one of the most ancient ingredients in Indian cosmetology. First and foremost, Indian women use it to make scrubs, because sandalwood powder can clean any dirt. The problem of acne and black points of Indian women is also solved with the help of sandalwood. A little powder of sandalwood, honey, milk, almond oil, and voila — the mask against inflammation is ready.


Amla — a plant externally similar to our native gooseberry — is another valuable beauty for the Indian beauty ingredient. Thanks to the record content of vitamin C, the oil of amla helps to cope with wrinkles, age spots and dry skin.

Pink water

Rose water is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Indians use natural rose water instead of tonic, so they always have a clean shining skin, no dilated pores and dark circles under the eyes.


Honey is another indispensable product in the beauty of Indian girls. In addition to excellent moisturizing properties, honey in India is used to heal traces of acne, scars and burns.

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