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10 most interesting places in Africa

In recent years, ratings have become very popular. On the one hand they look conception somehow primitive, opinion formers and subjectively. On the other hand, in my opinion, help to structure a large amount of information and overcome a bunch of water and informational noise. I’ve also decided to wipe the rating of the most interesting places in Africa.



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About the little things in Japan.

A lot has been written about Japan. But each time remains bunch of little things that no one post not included. Here I gather them all. Read my notes, trivia and everything – I put dots on Japan.

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We are not such, Life is so. Not Laksheri Life …

Here you can see anything. One single residential apartment in the midst of bulldozers destroyed homes, shop with polyethylene instead of glass because of their useless to insert, free parking in the ruins, scurrying among slum white Range Rover and even picking their way slowly crumbling under the sheer balconies Bentley … Surrey, seemingly strange phantasmagoric picture film .
But this is not a movie, but a real reality. Despite the sweep of the old districts of the capital Baku, people continue to live in them until the last clinging to his arms and legs for his square measure reconciled to the fact that not even live in the slums and among the ruins ….
How do they live here in a small photo story below.

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Baku, which will never be

Its quite actively destroy. Methodically and purposefully. No special ceremonies and to move people to other places. This creates a Caucasian oak, whose name Baku.
In a couple of years and the whole entourage of Baku, which we know from numerous Soviet films and books will disappear forever from the face of the earth.
Glass and concrete attack eats district by district and now came the turn of one of the the most famous and districts of the city – the Soviet, who probably was once the most colorful in Baku.
Today, once the most criminogenic place the Azerbaijani capital represents a unique spectacle. A such a small man-made armagedets that affects thousands of still people living here …

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How to study in schools in India.

Museums and temples, forts and palaces – all important parts of the culture of another country. I myself from any art gallery does not pull out. However, to understand other cultures, good to get into a place where people communicate with each other, not with tourists. For example – in the local school. In Europe, get to school is not so easy (although it’s possible), but in India it is available to the school.

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The coolest water slides. Who dares?

In the summer heat so eager to plunge into the cool, crystal clear water, wash away the stress and bustle of the day discard. What could be better? Only slides: at breakneck speed to zip through narrow tunnels, entangled in the loops, after svobonogo live through the horror of falling from a height of 50 meters! Here’s how to relieve stress!

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Rubbish countries

His history of the garbage shows how to change the view of not only the issues of hygiene and health, but also urban development, social structure of society and even international relations. This becomes clear not only on the composition of waste, but also to change the way of its utilization. Selection explains how garbage was a long way – from a pile of chopped pots outside the settlement to the tons of nuclear waste – and what a time this way people learn. The village garbage collectors in China, dump electronics in Ghana, the ship graveyard in India – as the world gets rid of waste.

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Flying over San Francisco.

He praises – no praise. Today am pleased to present to you my most beautiful post! It was possible to fly in light airplanes over San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The weather was lucky, so get a good footage. See for yourself …

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Great Indian Wall

“The Great Wall of India”. In ancient times it was called “the eye of Mewar” (Guardian of Death). The oldest and second continuous length on the planet. And it surrounds the fort Kumbalgarh (Kumbhalgarh Fort), which is located at a distance of 84 km north of Udaipur in Rajasthan in western India. Fort surrounded by thirteen peaks, and was built during the 15th century Rajput wound Maharana Kumbha (Maharana Kumbha). The entire perimeter of Fort Kumbalgarh surrounded by a wall 36 kilometers long and its width varies from 5 to 8 meters! Historians claim that the wall probably could go eight horses. There are a lot of huge walls built by the great rulers to protect their kingdom. But the construction of such a large protective wall around a single fort – is unprecedented and unique event.

Let’s examine it in more detail …

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Five-star hotel instead of the peaceful atom

Iran’s tourism industry is in high spirits. Tehran is waiting for a significant increase in interest in the Statement of vacationers from around the world. Iranian Vice President Massoud Soltanifar promised good times local travel-industry after a few days ago the UN Security Council adopted a resolution on the Iranian nuclear program. In Iran, do not wait for the sea weather, and extend the validity of turviz build hundreds of new hotels and develop excursions.

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