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Tbilisi Funicular

01. Tram on the cable car climbs to the top of Mount Mtatsminda 740 meters. It is 240 meters above the passing at the foot of the street Chonkadze. The inclination angle is 28-33 degrees. Track of 1000 mm.
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Chinese train – it will not Shinkansen

During his last trip to China I had the opportunity to ride on Chinese trains. Not much – only to Xi’an Huashan Mountain and back. But I tried the local super-high-speed convoys, which are considered the Chinese response to the Japanese Shinkansen.

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Fish market in the old port of Marseille

Fish markets in different countries – one of my favorite places to visit while traveling.
In a dense pogramma trip I definitely will prefer fish market than the Eleventh century temples or local museum. This is for their own reasons – this love of the sea and love of cooking and specialties, and craving for all kinds sea reptiles that goes back to childhood.
And, of course, I could not attend the Marseilles fish market, which occurs spontaneously in the morning on the square in the old port just under the famous Ferris wheel.
And while on the one hand, I was expecting to see a lot more impressive torschizhe, on the other, you can see sharks and sold, and the chilling spectacle of the sawing head young tuna using saws, and even kissing fishermen …

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How to grow and gather dates in Israel

Today we tell about the full cycle of works on a date plantation. Why date? The plant is a little-known Russian-speaking audience, but very interesting and deserves special attention. I will try, to the best of my small way, to describe the annual cycle of works on tree care as well as interesting information about this wonderful palm.
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How is combat helicopters Ka-52 “Alligator”

“Arsenyev Aviation Company” Progress “named after Sazykin” – one of the largest Russian aerospace industry. Hallmark factory orders are issued by the Ministry of Defense of combat helicopters Ka-52 “Alligator” Kamov Design Bureau.

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How does the Georgian Customs

01. Customs “Red Bridge” fruit of the reforms of Mikhail Saakashvili.
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The most luxurious river cruise ship

I did not expect that river vessels can be so elegant. The question even where to find such a prestigious audience, ready to ride for the money is not around the world, and along the rivers. Here’s an example of a company that specializes in such traffic is Uniworld. In its fleet, there are more than two dozen ships that travel the rivers of Europe, Russia, Egypt and China.

The company recently introduced its new ship – SS Maria Theresa. 150 guests can be accommodated in 75 cabins, cabin crew of 57 people. Luxury interior allows you to compare a vessel with a Baroque palace.

We add that the cost of cruises on this ship lasting from 8 to 15 days ranges from $ 3,200 to $ 12,000 per person.

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How to build a road in the mountain tours China

So here are building a tourist road, such as a glass bridge on Mount Tianmen or a trail of death (Huashan Mountain)

Remember that, when you travel on this trail. Will you?:-)

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What do Zanzibar rural schoolchildren at recess

Frankly, there are no words, some interjections on the great and mighty.
Services that in their villages complete devastation and poverty, but such changes precisely our students can envy.
Here even the text is not needed, just watch it …

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The parade of mermaids, or the good old Brooklyn freak-show

While in Manhattan, are there any gay pride parades and festivals BDSM in our quiet coastal Brooklyn held Parade of mermaids, which, no doubt, a major freak-show of the year. Then you are no restrictions and discrimination. The main thing to wear a suit on the marine theme (even though this is not required) and forth to conquer the public. The parade annually attracts thousands of participants and tens of thousands of spectators. Everything always takes a fun, bright and cheerfully. It was not an exception this time. In the post, you will find a lot of half-naked mermaids. Think twice before you click on “read more”. If anything, I warned you.

Johnny Depp and mermaids.
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