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Flood control reservoir under the ground in Tokyo

When we were preparing for a trip to Japan, our friend Benoit enthusiastically offered to visit a place called G-Cans. Googling, I am impressed with photographs and, without thinking twice, agreed.

At the G-Cans have a long name, namely, The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel or Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel. Collector – a huge system of underground tunnels and reservoirs. Their purpose is to prevent flooding in the Tokyo area during the river flooding and typhoons.

Its main attraction – an impressive columned hall the size of the underground or “temple.”

terraoko 2015012505 4 Flood control reservoir under the ground in Tokyo


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India. Goa. Evening in Palolem.

Let us during the winter, cold weather and snow, look at the opposite – the gentle sun, sea and rasslabuha …
This place Palolem in the south of India, where we are after rolling in Kashmir. One of the warm evenings, which are now just nice to remember …

terraoko 2015012505 6 India. Goa. Evening in Palolem.

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Samara region: Holy Mother of God of Kazan Monastery

Back in early December last year visited the Holy Monastery of the Theotokos of Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, which is in a small village Vinnovka, in the territory of the Samara Bend and just now got around to post pictures. Today the monastery complex includes the Church of the Kazan 1851 and built two new temples: one consecrated in honor of St. Sergius, and the other – in honor of the Blessed Trinity. Also built spacious communal housing, guest house and a 47-meter tower in the form of a lighthouse. The monastery collected a rich library, and on the feast day (21 July 2013) was opened and a small museum of the history of the village and monastery. In the monastery, situated on the banks of the Volga, was fortified coastline, and now here jetty capable of receiving 4-deck ships. The monastery can be safely attributed to the tourist attractions of the Samara region.

terraoko 2015012505 3 Samara region: Holy Mother of God of Kazan Monastery

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Castle of Monemvasia (Monemvasia)

Once again hit the internet Beautiful photos of unusual settlement on the island. Turns out to be an ancient fortress. Here’s what I found interesting about this place.

Translated from the Greek name of Monemvasia (Monemvasia) means “single entry” and is derived from the combination of the words “Monos” and “Emvasiya.” Why do so was named the city? very simple. Old town of Monemvasia or “Paglia Monemvasia” – a medieval castle, which is located on the steep slopes of the 300 meter cliff, which stands in the sea. This rock is located on the east coast of the Peloponnese to the mainland and the island connected by a bridge, which was built only in 1971. The island was formed by a powerful earthquake in 375 AD. Since then, his otkruzhalo sea on all sides.

Inhabited island was 583 years old and from then until the Byzantine period played an important strategic role. The Venetians called it the “Gibraltar of the East”, as in the past the town Manemvasya controlled the sea routes between the Mediterranean countries of Western Europe and the East. Here lived many notable Byzantine nobles and was a great trade, including wine. Here invented and made famous Malvasia, the production of which are trying to revive today.

Let us recall the history of this fortress …

terraoko 2015012505 7 Castle of Monemvasia (Monemvasia)


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How is a car racing on the water.

You know how to be a pilot, “Formula 1″? Is actually very easy. First the body is fixed very tightly with belts, secondly helmet also fixed to a sudden stop and turns not broken cervical vertebrae, in the third … well, you guessed pilots a formula I say. Today I will talk about race cars, and the only Russian team, which acts abroad in the sport.

terraoko 2015012505 5 How is a car racing on the water.

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Kansas. How to live the American heartland.

Very fond of repeating American expression In the middle of Nowhere, it lucidly explains on what places I most like to travel. It is true in any country in the areas of food poglushe so far away.

Kansas is such a hole that muffled more need to search! Backwoods in the United States there will, but that’s it Kansas – in the middle of the country, far away from everything. Life here is concentrated closer to the coasts of two oceans, and the center – wilderness. Americans do not talk about it, and know almost nothing. Part of the country, which pushed to the farthest shelf cabinet.

Rare American go on vacation in Kansas. Foreign tourists do not get here at all. I drove the most deaf country roads, even found roads. And you and I will visit together in cities, of which you have never heard of.

Just like travel notes from small towns. But this is one of the most important of my stories throughout the US cycle. Read it carefully.

terraoko 2015012505 1 Kansas. How to live the American heartland.


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Iran: time travel

In the morning, while taking a shower, look caught the alien inscription on the bottle. Iranian shampoo somehow called Ivan. I thought that watches and shampoos produces one company.
All Iranian hotels breakfast is included in the price and usually consists of pita bread, goat cheese, butter, eggs and tea. But in our Talar Hotel Shiraz was a buffet with a variety of foods and supplements opportunity. This morning we finally forgiven our taxi driver “student” dining room.
Leaving things in the luggage at the hotel, we passed the room and went for a walk around the city. In the daylight it was much more fun and scenic. First on our way got Fortress Karim Khan, who, in fact, a full strength has never been, and the last three years on its territory a museum.

terraoko 2015012255 1 Iran: time travel

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Flea Market in Saigon

In many tourist guides Saigon this market is called an antique, but in fact it can be called an antique with a very big stretch. This antiques here, of course, can also be found, but the bulk of the goods – imitations of antiques, reproductions, and just different old stuff, which can be seen in the usual flea bazaars of our cities.
The lion’s share of goods are up things and objects associated with the Vietnam War – American compasses, watches, lighters, badges, various military equipment and paraphernalia. And half of all this military diversity, which is so fond of foreign tourists, too, are the most common fakes …

terraoko 2015012255 3 Flea Market in Saigon


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Irrawaddy – Burmese Nile

Irrawaddy – the largest river in Burma. It stretches from north to south more than 2,000 kilometers, and passes through the country. Its origins begin in the Chinese Himalayas, and excision multi-channel delta is one of the largest areas in the world where rice is grown.

Being water-axis kingdom Irrawaddy affects all living arrangements in the country (as well as the Nile in Egypt). In colonial times, before the advent of railroads and automobiles, the river was called the “Road to Mandalay”. The main means of transportation – flat-bottomed barge cakes and pulling a forest and sand. In the upper reaches of the Kachin tribes live practicing primitive agriculture: fully exhausting the soil in one place, they move to another. In the middle and lower reaches of the Burmese live, wheat, cotton, rice and jute.

terraoko 2015012255 4 Irrawaddy   Burmese Nile

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Waterfall Serio

About Serio waterfall, I learned quite by accident when looking for interesting places in Lombardy, in which one would go within an hour or two from Milan. I was immediately intrigued by the information that these waterfalls are open only 5 times a year, with strictly within half an hour. “What nonsense,” – I thought – how can this be, that waterfall someone “discovers”, and even a certain time “?

terraoko 2015012255 2 Waterfall Serio

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