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The first lighthouse in Barbados and the beaches of Long Beach.

After serfboards beach, we drove on. There we were interested in the lighthouse and another beach called Long Beach.

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Walk through Mainz.

Mainz. This is a fairly large town near Frankfurt, but it is not Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate and Mainz – the capital of this land. What is interesting, the capital of Hesse – Wiesbaden is just a few kilometers from Mainz on the other side of the Rhine.

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How to produce granulated tea in India.

In June 2013 I visited the 15 tea plantations and saw the production of several tea plants. They work on the old English technology.

Tea bushes are cut specifically to make it convenient to collect the upper leaves. Yes, only two upper and germ.
In general, tea collected women.
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Confessions of a Venetian

This city, in my opinion №1 among the World Heritage – it is not like all the other usual city. And if you have parents, you have them brought here. The train from Milan (where we arrived by train from Paris) goes about three hours (tickets in advance € 29)
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Walk in Dresden

From Dresden I got immediately. There is a type of cities, and, in fact, the same type of people. About them, they say: Well, in general, they do, on the one hand. On the other – in general, nothing special. So usually speak about me. I know, I overheard in the toilet. So in that we like Dresden, we are both, in general, nothing.Although at first sight you can not, at least for me for sure. And we both for someone not of particular interest. Dresden was razed during the Second World War.Well, I’ll destroy themselves diligently alcohol, women and existential reflections. Well here is not to compare? In general, it is necessary to take on the future of this technique – comparing themselves with one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Helps raise self-esteem.

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Helicopter Seychelles.

Before Seychelles captured Britain, picturesque islands in the Indian Ocean served as a haven for pirates. Today, the island nation of Seychelles, and a popular tourist destination. The population is small and barely exceeds the number of residents of Dubna near Moscow (88,000 people). As part of the republic there are 115 islands are inhabited but are only 33. The largest island – Mahe, it bears the only city in the country – the capital of Victoria.

The airport runs a company that offers helicopter tours over Mahe. When I went there the first time, book a flight failed: it turned out that I do not fit on the chair “in the front row” with the pilot, and only there opens a window so you can not shoot through the glass. I asked to remove the door guys agreed, but was appointed a flight the next day. Well, ok, a day later, early in the morning I arrived at the scene. Pilot tightly tied me to the seat and flashed the thought that if the helicopter something happens, leave it I can not. However, that does not go for the sake of good photos!

Under the cut fifty juicy sun pictures Seychelles and my comments …

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Bavarian pastoral Linderhof Castle.

Continues the story of the Bavarian castles. Ludwig of Bavaria was the idol of the Sun King, Louis XIV. Ludwig loved to imitate him and tried to move on the ground Bavarian spirit of the French court of the 17th century. True, he embodied the idea is not life, but mainly in the architecture and decoration of their castles. Two “French” of the palace, built by Ludwig of Bavaria in the south – is Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee; they are the main topic of this post.

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Warrior-liberator in Berlin

… And in Berlin in the festive date
was built to stand for centuries,
Monument to Soviet soldier
with a girl rescued in her arms.
It stands as a symbol of our glory,
like a beacon shining in the darkness.
It was he – a soldier of my powers –
to keep the peace in the whole earth!

G. Rublev

May 8, 1950 in Berlin’s Treptow Park, opened one of the greatest symbols of the Great Victory. At the height of the multimeter climbed soldiers-liberators with a German girl in her arms. This 13-meter high monument has become a landmark in its own way.

Millions of people visiting Berlin, try to visit here, to pay homage to the great feat of the Soviet people. Not everyone knows that on the original idea, in Treptow Park, where lie the remains of more than 5,000 Soviet soldiers and officers had to stand majestic figure of Comrade. Stalin. And in the hands of the bronze idol had to keep the globe. They say, “the whole world in our hands.”

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Castle of Uday. Pryłuki

In 988 Grand Prince of Kiev Vladimir starts building and settlement fortified towns along the river banks of the Desna, island, Trubezh, Stugna, Sula and Uday. It is the last and there is a nice castle, outpost, defending Kievan Rus from raids by nomadic tribes and Pechenegs Polovtsian. Those days are long gone, no fortress nor Russia, but remained picturesque town, an important economic center of Chernihiv region. Today Priluki.
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PATAGONIA: Perito Moreno glacier

You know, there are places on the planet, when the brain refuses to think rationally, and any logic crumbles before the majesty of the true nature. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world that I’ve seen all of his travels. This Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, Argentina.

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