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Tabor, Czech Republic

Tabor – a beautiful South Bohemian town, deprived of attention of mass tourist.terraoko-201505218 (2)

Life in the slums of Guangzhou.

Visit residential quarter Xiancun originally part of my plans during your stay in the city. About this place is pretty much known in the near future it is likely to disappear from the map of the city. Will only photos and memories. The area was founded about 800 years ago and was an ordinary village. Over time, the urban jungle swallowed it and it turned out that the village was in the heart of the city. Naturally the authorities began to try to settle it. But how to get people to move to the suburbs where they live in a 10-minute walk from the World Financial Center? They were promised different conditions, but they do not believe and continue to live there in inhuman conditions …

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How do Yakut knives

Yakut knife – a national treasure of the Sakha people on an equal basis with mammoths, diamonds and khomus. Traditional Yakut knife byhah whose design has not changed for centuries, are widely used today in all spheres of economic activity of the people. It is focused around the convenience of a long and painstaking work, and simply created to separate the meat from the bone, whittling frozen fish, repair broken sledges.

Blacksmiths Alexander Danilov and Alexander Protopopov agreed to show and tell, how is this legendary thing.

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The Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is located on Red Mountain in the center of Lhasa, not only the main attraction, the shrine, the largest monumental structure in all of Tibet, but also the highest palace in the world. This palace is a unique monument of culture and art and truly an architectural masterpiece.
I do not remember where and when I first saw a picture of the Potala Palace, but since then I wanted to be sure to come to Tibet and see this miracle live!

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Village fishermen. Island of Borneo, Malaysia

Across the island of Borneo, especially near cities, there is a village of fishermen. We have seen such villages in Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu.
It is the locals who live in the houses on the water! Houses seem to be very fragile and are on stilts. We were in March – this season on the island, so the water has receded, and many villages were on the “land”. I liked the village in Sandakan! It is home to more than one generation. He lives at the expense of seafood and tourists. Every morning we saw their boat returning from a night of fishing :) Here is the best, according to local seafood restaurant. It’s called Sim Sim Seafood. Indeed, sooo much choice and all very tasty! After a delicious dinner, you can walk on wooden bridges, local very friendly. So all the kids :) You feel from another planet :)

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Traditional Japanese wedding in Tsurugaoka Hatimangu.

More precisely, not the wedding itself, and wedding photos, because the ceremony is usually held or at the temple or at home with a variety of guests. Like us, the wedding is preceded (or followed) photo shoot in various beautiful and memorable places, and there was just exactly that.

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Castle Koch

The castle that we see today was “constructed” in 1850 as an extraordinary castle from another Marquess of Bute, which I wrote in Cardiff post. But it was built on the basis of the old, I would say the ancient fort, built in approximately 1081. It was a Norman castle, which lasted not long. The location is strategically important, as here perfectly controlled Taffskoe Gorge and the Anglo-Welsh border. So in the first Welsh war, approximately in the years 1267-77 Gilbert de Clare (the one who built Caerphilly Castle to which a stone’s throw from the Koch) ordered to build here full lock with thick walls for the defense of British land. Alas, life and the castle was short – it razed frantic Welsh in 1314godu. These are the ruins and found there the Marquis 1st Marquess of Bute in 1760 when surveyed inherited after marriage profitable new land.

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How to produce aircraft engines.

JSC “Ufa Engine Industrial Association” – the largest developer and manufacturer of aircraft engines in Russia. There are more than 20 thousand people. UMPO part of United Engine Corporation.

The main activities are the development, production, maintenance and repair of aircraft turbojet engines, manufacture and repair of helicopter units, production of equipment for the oil and gas industry.

UMPO serially produces turbojet engines AL-41F-1C for the Su-35S, engines AL-31F and AL-31FP for the Su-27 and Su-30, individual components for helicopters “Ka” and “Mi”, al-turbine drives 31ST for gas stations of OJSC “Gazprom”.

Under the leadership of associations are developing advanced engine for the fifth-generation fighter PAK FA (Sukhoi PAK FA T-50). UMPO involved in cooperation for the production of PD-14 engine for the new Russian passenger aircraft MS-21 helicopter program production VK-2500 engines in the reconfiguration of production engines RD for MiG.

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Scottish lake.

There are nations of eternal summer or eternal winter. A Scotland – the country of eternal autumn. Frequent rains, yellow leaves, even in May. If you are going here, you play the lottery. I do not understand what a ticket stretched: the weather changes every five minutes. But in this post I will talk about the famous lohah Scotland, but it is not all up to date.

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Walk on the evening of Guangzhou

Write the details of what I think in this case is not worth it. This should just enjoy!

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