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Grand Kremlin Palace.

All eyes admiring all this beauty and power!

Not everywhere, unfortunately it was possible to take pictures. However, it must be seen to! Surprised to a pain native and familiar smell of Russian stove in the royal chambers, where there are large, handsome, warm relatively small chamber (warm easier)

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How to cheat the tax office, using his house.

This technique has become history … his genius and controversial practicability.
A city in which it was used almost all the inhabitants turned by the desire to evade taxes, in an incredibly beautiful place that is capable of hitting even the experienced puteshetvennika.
And the town itself can be called one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is not a joke, because it looks as if descended from the pages of a book of fairy tales, and live in the homes of some dwarves, wizards, magicians and other fairy-tale characters, rather than ordinary people.
But this is not an amusement park and tourist splint. This is really an ordinary town with ordinary people, just living in a very unusual houses for very unusual streets, which have become so just by the desire to cheat the tax … a few centuries ago.
So, welcome in Alberobello – trulli town in the Italian province of Puglia.

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After World War II Filipino Americans went to a military jeep. Local so pleased with these machines, they began to make similar cars themselves in the handicraft workshops. On the roads of the Philippine jeepney ride thousands, and among them there are no two alike. Mostly they are used as public transport.terraoko-2150306084 (1)


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Manor “Znamenskoye” in Veshalovke summer

Actually, went there last summer, I decided to say so “upgrade” picture. Since winter overcast evening look this object is not very much epic.

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A little bit of medieval dances.

Thus, a well run dance! We must dispel the drowsiness and laziness early spring. Not much to explode – suggest medieval dances, measured and with elements of narcissism.

The festival Battle of Narva in 2014 were great guys and very beautiful medieval showed pas. I’m staring, one hour dance was filmed more than 500 staff. Today, I carefully poudalyal chaff and represent your attention juicy and graceful grains.

Dance of the first secular and peasants. Girls gracefully dissected before the guy. Man demonstrates important elements of patriarchy in society. I mean medieval version skits on “Oh God, what a man, I want you son”


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Bombay slums.

Slums – one of the main tourist symbol of Bombay. In many ways thanks to the film “Slumdog Millionaire,” which filmed here. Remember the huge pipe that residents used instead of the road, all the houses, and so on? That’s all the bombs.

Soon, by the way, this symbol may not be. Slums now reconstructed on the site of the anthill dilapidated houses appear high-rises, and instead of the narrow maze of streets and wide trestle road.

The most famous and largest slums of Bombay – Dharavi. At one time it was the largest slum in the world, then in Asia, but times have changed and now it’s just a very large slum. How many people live here – nobody knows. Some say a million, the other three. The area of ​​the district a total of 215 hectares. Here are the production, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and, of course, thousands of shacks. The average area of ​​the house here – 10 square meters. This area is often fit large Indian family, sometimes up to 15 people.

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Great trip to the Indian Tibet to the annual Buddhist festival of trades …

Boo-oo-oo-uh-uh, boo-oo-oo-uh-uh, boo-oo-oo-uh-uh … The sound can have a hypnotic effect … We went to the sound, we felt it not just physically, but at a deep energy level. The sound echoed through the valley, bounced off the stone walls and narrow passages of the old Buddhist monastery, taking us to some other dimension …

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How to create 3D drawings.

In this post I will explain how to create a 3d-drawings on asphalt and not only on him. The word refers to the horizontal plane of asphalt on which we walk every day, it can be a concrete and wooden base, glass and even sand, yes, there are now takoe- 3d drawing on the sand. It just so happened that we started calling him “asphalt”, apparently because in childhood we said: “Drawing with chalk on the pavement,” though often painted them more concrete, it is possible that the word does not sound concrete. Abroad literally perevode- 3d street painting in English. 3d street painting.

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And from our window is visible to Jordan.

One day in mid-February, has brought us to the Israeli city of Eilat. We are incredibly “lucky”: on the beach is always warm Red Sea was unusually cold weather.

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German Leather Museum and shoes.

It is difficult to find a material that can be compared to her appearance and tactile sensations. He began to use and process one of the earliest. He just survive any temporary fashion trends and will exist forever. The course at the University of merchandising theme of this material and its products, in my opinion, the most interesting. Bychin, velor, Crank, saddle, suede, Laika, nappa, napplak, nubuck, calf, morocco, shagreen – all about it – the skin.

In the German city of Offenbach (Ger. Offenbach am Main), which is adjacent to the Frankfurt Airport, is located one of the largest museums in the world of the skin, as well as the richest museum of shoes in Europe. A look inside?

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