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Muscular giant. Komatsu 730e.

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Some things can cause excitement and emotion type Wow! Ah! Well vascheeee! That is how I can convey my feelings, when offered as part of a press tour at CJSC “Mikheyevsky GOK” (Mining and Processing Enterprise), go and see dump near Komatsu 730e.

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Cornwall Chronicle. Journey to the tin mines Botallack

This unique location is near the town of St Ives. Many years ago, there was seething work: mining tin. Now abandoned mines and are of interest for tourists. However, this interest is not waning. This is not surprising: the fact fortunate to get here (and you can only get here by car), opened a completely unusual landscape. And the sea. It makes the place even more beautiful. Let us take you through our paths? :)
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History Mir Castle

As part of the already well-known international event blogerskogo “Neforum 2015″ # neforum2015 all participants staged a tour of the Mir Castle. Let me tell you, and all that time to learn and see there.

Castle Complex “Mir» XVI-XX centuries. in the town World – historical and cultural value of national importance and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

World first settlement mentioned in 1434, when it became a private estate of the Lord’s Marshal Senka Gedygoldovicha. In his testament drawn up in 1451, the world goes to Anna Butrimovne, his adopted daughter. In 1476, Anna passes Peace in life tenure wife Senka Gedygoldovicha – Milohne, and after her death – Yuri cousin Ilyinich in which the 20-ies. XVI centuries. It began the construction of the castle.

But that was then …

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Walking through Paris in 2015.

1. Those who are not tired of a positive look at the world – propose to proceed to Paris, continue where you left off – the courtyard of the Louvre, I have sworn never once in my next visit I will wander only museum in Paris. Louvre, how good it is and how long I was there.

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New Jerusalem Monastery

New Jerusalem Monastery was founded by Patriarch Nikon in 1656. As conceived by the patriarch of Moscow had to be reconstructed complex of holy places of Palestine, the main cathedral was to copy the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Istra river was renamed Jordan (Jordan). The surrounding countryside and the hills got biblical names such as Zion, Bethany, Tabor, Mount of Olives, the Kidron. However, the scope of the New Jerusalem were deliberately reduced compared to the present Jerusalem, as it is the prototype of the Holy Land.

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Highly Petrovsky Monastery

Honestly, I have lost the habit of visiting the pretty modern churches with sparkling bright iconostasis and paintings on the walls and vaults, so happy over the weekend visited Vysokopetrovsky monastery, which is located on Petrovka Street in Moscow.

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Life Napoletana sauce.

I turned my back to the street and put a camera into the depths of a backpack. My girlfriend quietly removed the chain and slipped it into a hidden pocket on top of the camera. You held hands and went into the dark street. Mopeds buzzing, barely dodging oncoming collision. On one side of the street, squatting, the seller under shlangommoreprodukty washed in a basin. Impressive, brightly painted middle-aged woman smoke in front, leaning on a parked moped. Mother shouting dragged the girl by the hand. Children chased the ball, jumping among the garbage cans. Nearby a man was selling fragrant melons directly from the cart. The whole street was in the shadows, there is the smell of damp and different shades of Mediterranean cuisine. Despite the midday heat here penetrated very little sun. At first, the area was very uncomfortable. I was told that in Naples you need to be alert and to keep the pockets closed. But people smiling joyfully photographed, and after ten minutes I spoke in broken Italian, and another twenty minutes, I finally relaxed.
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Alatskivi Manor – Estonian manor Scotch with state farms and tractor past

As the summer of last year in Estonia, I could not resist the temptation to look like here and the cultural heritage. This story was not horrible, probably one of the most interesting places in the region – the manor or in the local “Manor” Alatskivi (Alatskivi), located just a few kilometers from Lake Peipus. At this point, intricately intertwined love of Scotland, grand past, a dead-end-state farm tractor path to communism and capitalist present, with an emphasis to the promotion of rural tourism.

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Soviet waterfowl cars

A brief history of amphibians, made ​​in the USSR.
In the middle of the last century amphibious vehicles were some of those things together, such as spaceships, which formed the image of the people of the future. Although the widespread use of outside military missions waterfowl cars eventually did not find they represent a very interesting phenomenon. We offer you a brief history of the Soviet amphibians.

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Where is the best place better city?

Today I’ll show you the best place best city in Africa, Cape Town. How did you know at the first photo, is a slum! Generally, the error most tourists is that they try not to go off the beaten tourist tracks. People are flying to the other end of the world and what they see? Mediocre museum? Banal monuments? Fortress? Guides poured their dates, names that people will forget in an hour. What remains after the trip? Photos from the bug and the self against the sea? And why bother to go? Where are your impressions? Where’s the adventure? That after the trip you will tell your children? It is better to have robbed in the slums, poison at an outdoor cafe, but hlebnete real life.

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